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How do we know what is the best time to trim?

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Trimming a tree has no season when we see dead or damaged branches in our trees it is important that we remove it right away so that we can give way for a much healthier and new one to grow. It avoids insects and a pest to live on those dead branches and removing them early also prevents fungus, molds and bacteria’s to build up so trimming it eventually helps your tree to grow healthier and stronger. Trimming trees also help your tree to look beautiful it improves its appearance since trimming is one way of shaping your trees the way you wanted it too. But in some cases, we also need to consider some certain factors in trimming our trees to provide good shape and health so this is the recommended time to prune our trees. Tree trimming Huntsville al has different tree trimming and services. 


Trimming trees during winter 

Trimming your tree during this season allows or prepares your trees to grow beautifully when it is already springtime. Your trees get too look fuller and stronger. It is important that you try to do a research what would be the coldest time during the winter season then that will be the best time to trim your trees.  

Trimming trees during summer 

Trimming your trees during summer makes your trees become stronger it will help you to correct and achieve the shape of the trees that you want since trimming it during summer is slower in growth compared to another season so it helps you improve those low lying or defective branches into a much sturdier and stronger one.

When should we not trim our trees? 

We should not trim our trees during autumn since this is the season that fungus, molds, and other bacteria’s spreads quickly it can spread all throughout your trees, other trees, and even in your lawn and it can lead to damage or eventually kill your trees. Dead branches during this time can also allow insects to come in so it is important that you know how to do trimming correctly and also know the perfect timing.  

What are the different kinds of trimming? 

Though when we think of trimming it can be done by anyone and it looks very easy we still need to consider that there is a lot of trimming techniques and kinds that corresponds to a certain result or outcome it is important that we understand the kinds of trimming and it benefits.

  1. Fine trimming – fine trimming is a kind of trimming that removes small tree limbs to improve the trees appearance and health. Your tree will look more appealing and attractive.  
  1. Standard trimming – is a process that the trimmer removes heavy branches. Much bigger and heavier equipment is needed because it involves heavy cutting and it also enhances and improves the appearances of a tree.  
  1. Hazard trimming – is a process to remove or trim branches that are 2 inches or more in diameter to prevent danger to other people and to structures. 
  1. Crown reduction trimming – this is like hazard trimming but it is more it is a process of removing branches that can be of great danger to anyone or do anything. Branches are removed to avoid hazard to the public may it be reaching a post,  structure, home, etc. the branches are being cut to avoid it from falling and can harm people and structure especially during calamities or strong winds. 



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