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Celebrating your wedding anniversary with your husband or wife would be one of the best things to do in this world. Giving a surprise to your special someone or partner is still a great option to have. It would mean that you still care for each other and still have this fire and flame between you and her or him.  


  • CHOOSING A PRESENT TO GIVE: It is hard to choose for the perfect gift to be given to your partner. You can think of the things that he or she likes to receive the most. As a responsible partner to your wife or husband, you may look for some gifts online or even search for some websites and blogs that is talking about the best gift to be offered to a special someone. Asking your friends who are already married can give you so much advice and suggestions about what to give.  
  • WRITE A LOVER LETTER TO HER OR HIM: People would not think about writing a letter anymore as for them it is one of the cheapest ways to express their love to someone. But for few people, it would still be the sweetest gift that they could have coming from their special people. You can write there all the things that you wanted to say and everything that you can’t express to her or him directly. Some people would might consider writing it using their penmanship as it symbolizes as an effort. 
  • TAKE A TRIP TOGETHER: If both of you have plenty of time to take a vacation then it would be great. You can plan this one ahead of time as where both you wanted to go. If you have kids, then you can ask them where they want to go.  
  • GO FOR AN ANDVENTURE ROAD RIDE: Doing some exciting road trip would a nice idea. In this way, you could both see different places and natural views. You can check for some affordable service Jacksonville in their website. They could offer you a lot of choices like for example, a tour to the city, an exciting trip to another city and many more.  
  • WATCH A MOVIE: If both of you have the time at night only because of busy schedule at work then looking for a movie to watch is a good alternative for a very fancy way of celebrating your wedding anniversary.  
  • TAKE HIM OR HER TO A FANCY RESTAURANT: You can go for a fancy dinner together before hitting the movie theater to watch a film. You can make a reservation in advance so that the restaurant can give you a good spot in their place.  
  • BUY HIM OR HER A CONCCERT TICKET: If you wife likes watching concerts, then giving her a ticket for a concert would make her feel so happy. The same thing goes with your husband if he likes watching sports games or even a musical show.  
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How to Scrap an Electric Motor

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You can find electric motors in items like ceiling fans, computers, vacuums, air conditioners and many more. Any appliance you can think of that need electricity to function and has moving parts all have electric motor inside, whether these motors are small or large. If the appliance is not working anymore, the large electric motors are scrapped and collected for recycling because they have large amount of copper inside.

If you have appliance or vehicle that’s not working anymore, you can scrap its electric motor or have it sent to Electric Motor Repair Tulsa. You can also scrap it by yourself, and in this article we are going to teach you that.


The first thing to do is get the item or appliance that has the electric motor inside. Use a screwdriver to begin disassembling the motor. You can also use a drill. You can just screwed down the electric motor itself inside the item. Remove the screws and pull out the electric motor.


Expect that the electric motor is going to have an insulated copper wire connected to it. Remove them by using wire cutters and snip them to remove the copper wire. Place the wire somewhere, or create a space for the scrap.


Once you’ve finally removed the electric motor from the appliance or item, add it to the pile of scrapped electric motors. If you’ve collected many electric motors, don’t forget to check the types of wires inside. It can have aluminum wires (color silver) or copper wire (reddish color). If you have more than 50 electric motors, take them all apart for the copper wire inside. Once you’re done getting the copper wire, set the other metals like aluminum and steel on the side.


Electric motors are being recycled by industries to reduce the landfill. It also help protects natural resources like copper. Copper is expensive and valuable in many electrical devices. Just imagine how much copper is needed to power your devices and gadgets. If we continuously deplete its source, we will run out of it. So why not recycle it right? Electric motor is usually done in a large scale, the result is not enough copper windings. The point is, don’t underestimate yourself with matters of recycling because with materials like these it’s safe to recycle.


How does recycling electric motors benefits you? Aside from the environmental impact that it brings, it will also earn you money. Probably those old gadgets and appliances lying around your garage should be recycled. You are creating more space for other things to store, and you also earn. If you can’t recycle them on your own, you can sell them to recycle centers. This way, you are lessening the materials you store for many years.


Let us help to maintain the cleanliness of the environment and the sustainability of copper resources. If you happen to have old appliances and gadgets, recycle them or sell them. They can be used again, and you’re helping to reduce the trash on the landfill.

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