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How to Hire Outside IT Support 

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An in- house IT support working for your company is expensive, especially if you are still trying to stabilize the company. So, for this many business hire outside IT services Columbus Ohio because it is a lot forgiving than investing in all the IT equipment and personnel when you can’t afford it yet.   

The task is daunting for any business owner especially if you don’t have the training to know IT services beyond the basic level. It could get downright tricky if you don’t have enough staff for the company and you don’t know anyone who can make the decision easier for you.  

IT Support

The following is a guide on how to hire outside IT support for all your company’s technical needs.  

Specific IT Service  

When you outsource your IT support services, you only need to pay and use the services that you need for your company. In saying that you should know what IT service your business needs that most. You don’t need to have an in- house fully equipped IT department to only have one type of IT service to use. So, to make the process of hiring an outside IT support know what it is that your business need in the IT department.  

Starting big when you cannot support yourself can be a pretty bad idea. It might put your business in a position wherein recovery will be a little difficult for you. It is a good idea to start small and then build from that. You see not having a competent IT service in our out- house can lead to some pretty serious repercussion in the future.  

Support and Project Management   

The company that you hired to give you IT service will also have the resources that would most likely be able to support the kind of business you run. They can also help manage some of your IT projects and that is good.  

You will have a specific person to contact to assist you on your technical needs. That would make the whole thing easier to handle as you only have to focus on one person for any needs you may have along the way. They can help you with daily IT services and maintenance to ensure that there wouldn’t be any issues popping out of nowhere.  

It is important to have a the right amount of management and equal support in all aspects relating your business. There are decisions to make and sometimes they are difficult to make as it could be daunting for any business owner. However, in order to stay on top of the game and be amazing as it is.  

There is some things that you should take to ensure that the future of your business is prospering rather than bleak. Knowing when to wisely use the many resources you have is important for every businessman and for anyone who is a businessman in the new era one must make sure that you have the control of all your office faculties.  

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How to Scrap an Electric Motor

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You can find electric motors in items like ceiling fans, computers, vacuums, air conditioners and many more. Any appliance you can think of that need electricity to function and has moving parts all have electric motor inside, whether these motors are small or large. If the appliance is not working anymore, the large electric motors are scrapped and collected for recycling because they have large amount of copper inside.

If you have appliance or vehicle that’s not working anymore, you can scrap its electric motor or have it sent to Electric Motor Repair Tulsa. You can also scrap it by yourself, and in this article we are going to teach you that.


The first thing to do is get the item or appliance that has the electric motor inside. Use a screwdriver to begin disassembling the motor. You can also use a drill. You can just screwed down the electric motor itself inside the item. Remove the screws and pull out the electric motor.


Expect that the electric motor is going to have an insulated copper wire connected to it. Remove them by using wire cutters and snip them to remove the copper wire. Place the wire somewhere, or create a space for the scrap.


Once you’ve finally removed the electric motor from the appliance or item, add it to the pile of scrapped electric motors. If you’ve collected many electric motors, don’t forget to check the types of wires inside. It can have aluminum wires (color silver) or copper wire (reddish color). If you have more than 50 electric motors, take them all apart for the copper wire inside. Once you’re done getting the copper wire, set the other metals like aluminum and steel on the side.


Electric motors are being recycled by industries to reduce the landfill. It also help protects natural resources like copper. Copper is expensive and valuable in many electrical devices. Just imagine how much copper is needed to power your devices and gadgets. If we continuously deplete its source, we will run out of it. So why not recycle it right? Electric motor is usually done in a large scale, the result is not enough copper windings. The point is, don’t underestimate yourself with matters of recycling because with materials like these it’s safe to recycle.


How does recycling electric motors benefits you? Aside from the environmental impact that it brings, it will also earn you money. Probably those old gadgets and appliances lying around your garage should be recycled. You are creating more space for other things to store, and you also earn. If you can’t recycle them on your own, you can sell them to recycle centers. This way, you are lessening the materials you store for many years.


Let us help to maintain the cleanliness of the environment and the sustainability of copper resources. If you happen to have old appliances and gadgets, recycle them or sell them. They can be used again, and you’re helping to reduce the trash on the landfill.

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